Hemp Oil CBD Centrifuge

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a purely natural ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. ZK separation CBD extraction centrifuge provides safe and efficient separation and technical filtration solutions. The ethanol extract application offers an effective solution for the extraction and separation of hemp in the pharmaceutical industry. The configuration of explosion-proof motor and variable speed transmission provides a strong guarantee for increasing CBD's extraction rate.

ZK SEPARATION Decanters for CBD Oil Extraction Process

ZK SEPARATION is a company which manufactures and develops centrifuge equipment. For CBD oil production, ZK has specially designed a food-grade CBD oil extraction three-phase centrifuge to realize the automatic separation and extraction of CBD oil. At the same time, it can help enterprises to meet environmental protection standards and medical health & safety standards in production.

CBD Oil Decanter Parameters
Model Dia (mm) Rito Speed (rpm) G force Differential (rpm) Main Motor (kW) Back Motor (kW) Capacity m3/h Weight (kg) Dimension (L x w x H)(mm)
LW(F)250 x 1025C 250 4.1 5000 3500 1~50 7.5~11 3~4 1~5 1250 2500 x 800 x 1150
LW(F)350 x 1435C 350 4.1 4000 3136 1~35 12~15 4~5.5 5~8 2500 3500 x 1050 x 1200
LW(F)450 x 1845C 450 4.1 3500 3087 1~34 30~37 7.5~11 10~15 4200 4500 x 1150 x 1450
LW(F)520 x 2150C 520 4.1 3500 3567 1~34 45~55 11~15 15~20 5200 5100 x 1250 x 1600

CBD Extraction Process

CBD extraction process

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