Chemical & Mining

How to increase productivity and reduce equipment costs in the mining industry is a huge problem facing the mining industry. In contrast, the chemical production industry struggles to find the right environmental solution. ZK's decanter equipment will effectively alleviate the two major issues in the mining and chemical industries. The industrial centrifuge equipment developed by it can be used for product filtration in the mining industry and processing links in the chemical industry. Including separation and dehydration, process filtration, and wastewater treatment. Can effectively increase output and help protect the environment.

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Main Application of Decanter Equipment in The Chemical and Mining Industry

ZK industrial centrifuge has a wide range of application scenarios in the chemical and mining industry. Mechanical separation technology plays a very important role in environmental protection treatment of waste water, waste oil and harmful substances in chemical industry. ZK industrial centrifuge can effectively separate liquid mixture, realize mixture classification, and simultaneously dehydrate solid and extract components. Therefore, it is widely used in various chemical production industries such as grey water treatment, coal tar recovery treatment and sulfur foam treatment.

Application Case in The Chemical and Mining Industry

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