Fermentation Broth Dewatering

Corn, wood, rice, wheat starch, etc. are the most widely used raw materials in the alcohol industry. More and more alcohol producers after fermentation and distillation use a centrifuge to remove water, which solves the issues in large-scale conventional filtration equipment, ranging from large land occupation to high labor intensity, and high later-stage maintenance cost. At the same time, by virtue of high efficiency, stability and environmental protection, it provides guarantee for efficient dehydration, DDGS quality, and subsequent process energy conservation.

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Main Application of Decanter Centrifuge in The Fermentation Broth Dewatering Industry

ZK industrial decanter equipment is widely used in the solid-liquid separation process of fermentation broth separation due to its long-term continuous operation and safety and explosion-proof characteristics. The fermentation broth dewatering process is widely used in beer production, white sprinkling brewing, distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) separation, starch, protein separation, and other industries.

Application Cases of ZK Decanter Centrifuge in Fermentation Industry

  • ddgs dewatering decanter
    DDGS Dewatering
  • fermentation industry
    Fermentation Industry
  • wine production decanter
    Wine Production

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