Food & Beverage

With improved living standards, people's demand for a healthy diet is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, people's need for healthy vegetable oils, proteins, fruit, or vegetable juices is also growing. Therefore, high-efficiency and high-automation production equipment that is environmentally friendly, sanitary, and in line with food safety is being used in more and more food production enterprises.

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Main Application of Centrifuge in The Food and Beverage Industry

ZK food centrifuge has a wide range of application scenarios in the food and beverage industry. It can reduce the production cost of the enterprise. Simultaneously, the machine can run continuously for a long time and has a highly automated control system. It will help you better control the separation process and improve separation efficiency.

Decanter Centrifuge for The Food Industry

Food safety is closely related to everyone. As a food processing or production enterprise and ensuring food safety, it must also provide the production process's environmental protection indicators. The food-grade decanter centrifuge launched by ZK was developed for the needs of food production and processing enterprises. This model can be widely used in the production and processing links of extracting protein from edible oil.

Decanter Centrifuge for The Beverage Industry

As an essential beverage in daily life, the beverage has a vast market space. Decanter centrifuge equipment in the beverage production and processing process will greatly increase the capacity and automation of the entire beverage production and processing process. ZK Beverage Decanter Equipment adopts food-grade safe materials and has an automatic control system, which can be widely used in various beverage production and processing links.

Foodec Decanter Application Cases

  • beverage production decanter
    Beverage Production
  • food decanter centrifuge
    Food Production
  • protein extraction decanter
    Protein Production
  • foodec decanter
    Food Processing
  • protein extraction
    Protein Extraction
  • food production decanter
    Solid–Liquid Separation

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