Pharmaceutical Centrifuge

The pharmaceutical industry has exceptionally high requirements for hygiene standards. The ZK medical centrifuge is food-grade equipment dedicated to processing in pharmaceutical production plants. The equipment also has explosion-proof, high wear resistance, and airtightness. It can effectively ensure the safety and sanitary of the entire production process. Simultaneously, the machine is equipped with an automatic control system and an automated cleaning system, which can significantly reduce enterprise equipment maintenance costs.

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Main Application of Decanter Centrifuge in The Pharmaceutical Industry

A large proportion of the products of the pharmaceutical industry is made in batch processes, for which the decanter, quintessentially a continuous machine, is not wholly suited. However, many materials are extracted from natural products, such as insulin or blood fractions, and the fermentation routes to antibiotics have long been continuous processes. These certainly do use the decanter. The ZK medical decanter centrifuge is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry's solid-liquid separation process because of its long-term continuous operation and safe explosion-proof characteristics.

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