Plastic Recycling

Plastic is difficult to degrade naturally. Therefore, the recycling and reprocessing of waste plastics are very important to protect the environment. By recycling plastics, plastic waste can be reduced, and greenhouse gas emissions can also be effectively avoided. ZK decanter centrifuge has become the best equipment for the separation and recycling of plastic particles.

ZK SEPARATION Decanters for Plastic Recycling Process

ZK horizontal screw centrifuge is mainly used in the separation process of plastic recycling. The mixed plastic is usually pressed into bundles at the recycling plant and then processed into tiny particles. It is then fed into a mixing tank, mixed with water, and pumped into a centrifuge. The high-speed rotation of the centrifuge generates strong centrifugal force. All particles with a density greater than the liquid are pushed radially outward to the centrifuge drum, while the lighter components float inward and upward. Finally, realize the separation and recycling of plastic particles. ZK decanter centrifuges can be used for plastic recycling in the following industries, including separation of mixed plastic and foil, plastic fiber recycling, PET flake processing, medical plastic particles, carpet fibers, production waste particles, etc.

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