Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment

Slaughterhouse sewage mainly comes from the process of cleaning, leaching, slaughtering, floor cleaning, ironing, dissection, non-staple food production and processing, oil washing, and so on. Slaughtering wastewater contains a large number of COD, BOD, SS, ammonia nitrogen, organic or inorganic pollutants, such as this kind of wastewater is not treated directly discharged into water bodies, will quickly run out of dissolved oxygen in the water body, disturb the water ecological environment, causing serious water quality deterioration, thus affect the normal life of water production, therefore, slaughter wastewater treatment to protect the water environment and human health is of great significance.

ZK SEPARATION Decanter for Use in Slaughterhouse

The ZK slaughterhouse industrial centrifuge can efficiently separate the sludge and solid residue in slaughterhouse sewage and leather wastewater and be used in slaughterhouse by-product processing and animal body recovery processes. Simultaneously, the equipment adopts a sanitary design and has the advantages of control automation, anti-wear protection, etc. Therefore, ZK slaughtering industrial centrifuge can effectively improve slaughterhouses' profitability and reduce the cost of waste disposal.

Slaughterhouse Decanter Centrifuge Parameters
Model Dia (mm) Rito Speed (rpm) G force Differential (rpm) Main Motor (kW) Back Motor (kW) Capacity m3/h Weight (kg) Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)
LWS250 x 1025B(X) 250 4.1 5000 3500 1~50 11 4 >1 1250 2500 x 800 x 1150
LWS350 x 1550B(X) 350 4.1 4000 3136 1~35 22 5.5 >3~5 2500 3700 x 1050 x 1400
LWS450 x 1845B(X) 450 4.1 3500 3087 1~34 30 7.5 >5~10 4000 3800 x 1150 x 1600
LWS520 x 2150B(X) 520 4.1 3200 2982 1~34 45 15 >10~15 5200 4800 x 1250 x 1800
LWS580 x 2400B(X) 580 4.1 3000 2948 1~30 55/75 18.5 >15~20 6500 5300 x 1750 x 1382
LWS650 x 2600B(X) 650 4 2800 2854 1~28 75/90 22 >20~30 8000 5600 x 1850 x 1500

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Why Choose ZK Slaughterhouse Wastewater Decanter ?

  • ease to use decanter
    Easy Operation

    ZK decanter can run continuously and automatically. The control of the decanter centrifuge is completed through the touch screen of the control panel, and the one-key start and stop of the decanter can be realized through the control panel. The control panel interface is simple and easy to be understood, and operators can easily monitor the working status and understand the operating parameters.

  • durable

    All wear-prone areas of ZK centrifuges (separation liquid outlet, solids discharge output, screw conveyor and solids discharge section) are made of abrasion resistant material, and the rotating parts are made of high-strength centrifugally cast stainless steel. For the wear-resistant requirements of special industries, replaceable hard alloy wear-resistant pieces are added to the spiral blades.

  • lubrication
    Lubrication Ways

    In order to meet the actual needs of different customers, ZK decanter centrifuge provide three different lubrication ways (grease pump grease lubrication, lubricating oil circulating lubrication and oil mist lubrication) for customers to choose. All lubrication systems can re-lubricate the rotor bearings during centrifuge operation.

  • security
    Safety and Security

    ZK decanter differential speed automatic control technology can automatically adjust the screw conveyor differential speed, to prevent overload and blockage. At the same time, ZK decanter centrifuge has vibration protection, bearing temperature protection and overload protection system. This can avoid critical operating conditions and prevent damage to centrifuge components and bearings.

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