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Three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste disposal

Chengdu ZK Separation Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to creating high-quality environmental protection equipment, is a professional company and high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of multi-disciplinary centrifuges and supporting equipment. It is a three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste disposal equipment!   Our aims: to create high-quality environmental protection equipment, protect the earth home, I am good […]

ZK Integrated Centrifuge dehydration system of anaerobic fermentation biogas residue

Decanter centrifuge used in the field of “three chemicals” disposal of kitchen waste, anaerobic fermentation mainly uses the solid components of kitchen waste to cultivate biological bacteria in high temperature anaerobic environment. Through the metabolism of a variety of bacteria, the treated substances are decomposed into methane, carbon dioxide and fermentation residues (biogas residue). The produced […]

ZK Separation Decanter Centrifuge Application in River Wastewater Fields

Project Operation date: July, 2018 Centrifuge model: LW450×1845E Application: Industrial Park concentrated sludge water Centrifuge capacity: 30~40m3/h Moisture content of solids-phase:75~78% Moisture content of fluid-phase:0.2~0 Project operation: the centrifuge has been put into operation since July 30, 2018 for solid-liquid separation of river concentrated sludge water. The operation is stable and the separation effect is stable. […]

ZK Decanter Centrifuge Introduction

Chengdu ZK Separation Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized solid-liquid separation company established by Chengdu West Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Our ZK brand Centrifuge provides solutions to all technological problems of solids-liquid and liquid-liquid separation, specialized in industrial centrifugal separation markets. These solutions help customers to clarify, concentrate, and separate products in production.   Centrifuge working principle: the […]

ZK Centrifuge application in Oil Sludge

Oil Sludge refers to the sludge produced in the process of crude oil exploitation, storage, transportation, processing and treatment of crude oil produced liquid. It is named after containing crude oil or some components in crude oil. There are mainly landing sludge, tank cleaning sludge, flotation dross, etc ZK oil field centrifuge Model: LW520 Applied in this field. Materials: […]

The Best Horizontal centrifuge China Manufacturer in 2019

For the large capacity of work, you will definitely need the best type of centrifuge. There are so many reputed China centrifuge manufacturers available in China. But ZK Separation Company Ltd. is the best one among all. They are one of the best and high quality petroleum equipment companies in China in order to fulfil […]

How is industrial wastewater treatment process ?

Are you in an industry that involves processing industrial water management? Or, do you won an industry that releases a considerable amount of sewage water that needs to be processed? If so, you have a great option to consider deploying industrial wastewater equipment. The equipment comprises waste centrifuge and other associated equipment. Importance of industrial […]