ZK LW350 x 1435C Centrifuge Applies to Fenton Sludge Project

Project Introduction

Company Name An energy company in China Address China
Model LW350 x 1435C
Date 2021
  • The site layout

Project Overview

The project was for Fenton sludge treatment, with a set of LW350 X 1435C two-phase centrifuges, control cabinets, and on-site operator boxes. The material of this project is the digestate produced by the Fenton reaction after settling of the liquid phase treated by the three-phase centrifuge. In the front-end treatment process, the material is pretreated with certain chemicals. The material is iron-red in color, and when the material is left to stand, there are some dark red small and light flocs. Part of the settling can be observed at rest, and the solid-liquid boundary is blurred. The material is poorly self-settled, the upper liquid phase is turbid yellow after settling, and the lower is dark red sediment.

  • State of raw material after standing


Because the feed is unstable, sticky, and easy to plug, so in the centrifuge operation process, the speed cannot be too high. During field use, the operating parameters need to be adjusted according to material changes.

  • Overall status after separation
  • Separated liquid

Customer Feedback

The customer was satisfied with the separation results and praised the quality of our after-sales service.

  • Wall-hanging solid phase after separation
  • Solid phase

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