ZK LW350x1435B Centrifuge Application in Zanthoxylum Oil

Project Introduction

Company Name A food company Address Chengdu, China
Model LW350 x 1435B
Date 2021

Project Overview

The material of the project is fresh flower pepper liquid after pressing and filtering. After secondary pressing, the material is filtered through the filter screen to remove large impurities, and the filter liquid is pumped to the centrifuge for separation. The liquid from the centrifuge is refined by disc centrifuge to separate pepper oil with higher quality.


Because the material is not stirred before feeding centrifuge, the materials is unstable, resulting in unstable solids. When separating the lower layer material with containing much solid, the solid is dry. When the upper middle layer is treated, the solid is wetter and the liquid contains more foam. It is recommended that the user buy the mixing device to make the feeding uniform.

Technical Advantages

Food safety

The materials of seals and lubricating grease in contact with materials shall meet the requirements of relevant food and pharmaceutical standards, and the material certificate shall be provided. The wear-resistant parts of materials shall be food grade replaceable stainless steel or ceramics;

High efficiency sealing

Sealing structure at the position of high-speed rotating shaft: liquid retaining ring covering type + metal sealing ring (labyrinth sealing for piston shaft) + tetrafluoroethylene sealing, and three sealing methods are combined to ensure no leakage of solids and liquid phase;

Food grade appearance

Special welding process is for the hood, base and transmission cover, and the internal and external surfaces are polished at sanitary level, with the maximum unevenness of 0.8 μ m。 All pipelines are food bright tubes, and the screw is electrochemically polished as a whole, showing the natural color of metal as a whole;

Cleaning and sanitary

The centrifuge control system is equipped with a fully automatic cleaning program, and the multi-stage cleaning mode of "high-speed cleaning → low-speed cleaning (multi-stage) → high-speed" can ensure that each mechanical cleaning is complete and avoid human factors. 360o high-pressure cleaning nozzle is adopted to automatically clean the bowl surface, screw, hood and base cavity;

Reliable Ergonomics

Both ends of the hood are provided with quick detachable observation holes to observe the conditions of solids and liquid outlet ends; The outlet bucket has a reflux sampling port to avoid material leakage; Equipped with easy to operate manual grease pump; Intelligent operation control interface, etc.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

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