ZK Centrifuge LW350 x 1435E Used in Domestic Sewage Projects

Project Introduction

Company Name A construction company Address Sichuan, China
Model LWS350 x 1435E
Date 2021

Project Overview

The material of this project is domestic sewage. After the material passes through the front-end sedimentation and impurity removal, it enters the material pool and pumps into the centrifuge for separation through the shear pump and the feed pump. At the same time, the dosing device is used to configure a certain concentration of flocculation. The medicament is pumped to the feed pipeline by the dosing pump to flocculate the material into a mass. Through the separation of the centrifuge, the effluent is clear and the sludge is relatively dry, which meets the production requirements.


The problem that the feed pump can't load the material

The feed pump and shear pump of this project are provided by the user. Due to the deep material pool on site, the cavitation margin of the feed pump is not enough, resulting in the feed pump not being able to suck up the material. There is also no effect by adding a negative pressure tank. A submersible sewage pump is temporarily added at the site to suck up the material.

It is recommended that the user directly use the submersible sewage pump as the feed pump, or dig a pump pit next to the material pool, and install the feed pump in it to reduce the suction height of the pump.

Pipeline installation

The pipeline of this project was installed by the user. The on-site inspection found that the installation position of one-way valve was unreasonable, which was installed at the outlet of the pump. The site has been rectified to the junction of the dosing pipeline and the feed pipeline.

Dosing installation´╝Ü

The dosing pump of this project is provided and installed by the user. During the inspection, it was found that the inlet of the dosing pump was upward, the height of the inlet was very high with elbows and valves, already reaching half the height of the dosing device, which greatly affects the drug supply capacity of the dosing pump.

The site has been rectified to change the inlet of the dosing pump to the horizontal direction and reduce the height of the feed inlet.

Agglomeration of potions

Because the site is relatively humid, the medicament is easy to agglomerate, causing the agglomerated medicament to easily jam the powder supply spiral, and the powder supply motor current overloads and alarms and stops, causing the dosing device to fail to automatically dispense the medicine.

By replacing the larger spiral sleeve on site, increasing the pre-screw clearance, and through on-site training, the operators learn how to remove blockages and how to remove the spiral for cleaning. At the same time, in the usual production process, the medicine in the medicine bucket should be added as little as possible. The medicine is used up and empty every day to reduce the damp and caking of the medicine.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

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