ZK LW450 X 1845C Centrifuge Application in Biogas Residue Dehydration

Project Introduction

Company Name A city development investment company Address Sichuan, China
Model LW450 X 1845C
Date 2021

Project Overview

The main treatment process of the plant adopts "pretreatment + oil-water separation + anaerobic fermentation", and the crude oil produced by oil-water separation enters the oil storage tank for sale; the wastewater is treated by the sewage treatment system in the station and reaches the class III discharge standard “The integrated wastewater discharge standard” (GB8978-1996), it is uniformly transported by tank truck to No. 1 waste compression station and enters the municipal sewage pipe network; The biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation is purified for power generation and boiler steam production; The waste residue generated in the pretreatment process is transported to the incineration plant for incineration after dehydration. The biogas residue dehydrated after anaerobic fermentation is sold to the organic fertilizer manufacturer to prepare organic fertilizer, and the location of the organic fertilizer production workshop is reserved.

  • Medium: biogas residue after food waste and municipal sludge are combined into anaerobic fermentation tank for digestion.
  • Temp.: 30 ~ 45℃.
  • Slurry PH:6 ~ 9.
  • Equipment location:in the house.
  • Air temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃.
  • Humidity: > 90%.
  • Working: 16h / D.
  • The horizontal centrifuge provided by the Contractor shall be suitable for 24h continuous operation every day.
  • The service life of the horizontal centrifuge provided by the Contractor shall not be less than 15 years.
  • All machines in the sludge dewatering system can be operated automatically.
  • It is forbidden to use quicklime or agents with similar chemical content in the process of sludge dewatering.
  • Solid content in feeding: 2 - 6%.
  • Sludge treatment capacity /unit: 0.6T absolute dry sludge.
  • Solid content of mud cake: ≥ 20%.
  • Solid recovery rate: ≥ 95%.


The key point of the project is to require mud cake to have a solid content of more than 20% and how to limit the foams of kitchen dregs caused by protein agitation. The solid content of mud cake ≥ 20% (water content of slag ≤ 80%) is mainly the addition of BD plate on the screw to control the water content of slag phase by extruding the slag phase. After the foam is produced, it can be spread into the defoaming agent or the liquid outlet pipe will increase. In this project, the liquid hopper DN150 will come out to DN250. Other equipment and pipelines of the project are relatively conventional, which can be arranged according to the project drawings.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

After commissioning, torque control is finally used. Due to the low material concentration, there is little change. Finally, adjust the rotating speed of the bowl, and by adjusting the liquid layer regulating plate, most of the slag phase can be maintained below 80% (with a little changeable). Because the customer only adds PAM, the liquid phase is yellow solution, and the solid content in the liquid phase can meet the requirements. The customer is very satisfied.

  • Liquid
  • Slage

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