ZK Centrifuge LW550 X 2250C Used in a Sewage Project

Project Introduction

Company Name A carbon new material company Address Gansu, China
Model LW550 x 2250C
Date 2021

Project Overview

The project is a sewage disposal project. The product is a 550 two-phase skid-mounted system. The materials include domestic sewage, silt mixed sewage and carbon powder mixed sewage.

  • LWS 550 Wastewater Treatment System


An agitator is installed in the sludge tank to make the material mixed evenly, and then pumped to the sludge cutter to break up the larger impurities in the material and avoid blockage. The crushed materials are mixed with PAM and flocculated, then enter the centrifuge for separation. The separated waste liquid enters the sedimentation tank, and the dehydrated material is transported away by auger.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

The liquid separated by our centrifuge is clear, the feed volume can reach about 20 m3/h, and the solid-phase slag has a stable water content of about 75%, which meets customer needs.

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