ZK LW550 X 2250B Centrifuge Application in Carbon Slag Separation

Project Introduction

Company Name A Resource Comprehensive Utilization Company Address Shandong, China
Model LW550 X 2250B
Date 2020

Project Overview

The project relies on the annual treatment line of 3000 tons of aluminum electrolysis waste cathode oxygen isolation continuous ultra-high temperature harmless treatment and resource utilization project. Carbon slag flotation separation technology + centrifuge carbon slag separation and recovery are adopted to realize the separation of hazardous wastes (cyanide + carbon slag) generated in aluminum electrolysis, so as to effectively separate and recover cyanide and carbon slag. The effluent from the centrifuge enters the system for circulation and slag discharge for power generation. Compared with the traditional plate and frame filter press, it significantly reduces the labor intensity of operators, greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the use cost, and keeps the on-site operation environment clean.

  • Carbon Slag Separation


The key points of the project are that water content in the slag is required to be ≤ 23% and the cemented carbide has a high service life in the highly corrosive cyanide (raw material cryolite) solution. The solid content of mud cake ≥ 77% (water content of slag ≤ 23%) is mainly realized by adjusting the liquid layer depth and rotating speed. The higher service life is mainly made of corrosion-resistant materials. Bowl parts and screws are 2205 + 316L. The cemented carbide adopts riveted + corrosion-resistant alloy block, the end face of the small end spindle and the bowl section of the cone section need to be welded with a scraper, the partition plate of the slag discharge section of the base is cancelled (to prevent slag blockage), and the slag outlet section of the hood is added with wear-resistant polyurethane plate. To remove the foam dross in the outlet liquid, FD plates added on the upper part of the screw body.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

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