ZK LW580 x 2400C Centrifuge Applies to Kitchen Wastes and Chicken Manure Anaerobic Digestion of Methane Project

Project Introduction

Company Name An engineering company in China Address China
Model LW580 x 2400C
Date 2021

Project Overview

The project covers a total area of 6.6 acres and is designed to treat 100t/d (including 60t/d of kitchen waste and 40t/d of municipal manure), including kitchen waste pretreatment process, manure pretreatment process, anaerobic fermentation process, biogas and digestate utilization technology, odor treatment process, etc.

  • Sludge Name: kitchen waste + chicken manure anaerobic fermentation methane
  • Material Temperature: 30 ~ 45℃
  • Sludge PH Value: 7 ~ 9
  • Solids Content of Methane Feed TS: 3 ~ 5% (wt)
  • Processing Capacity: 18 ~ 30 m3/h
  • Water Content of Sludge Cake: ≤ 75% (wt)
  • Separated Liquid Phase Suspended Matter Content (SS): ≤0.8% (wt)
  • Equipment Location: indoors.
  • Work Schedule: 16 h/d.
Customer requirements:
  • The decanter centrifuge provided by the contractor shall be suitable for continuous operation 24h per day, and the service life of the whole machine shall not be less than 20 years.
  • All equipment within the sludge dewatering system can operate automatically in conjunction with each other.
  • The current digestate dewatering process uses a non-dosing method (subsequent dosing is possible).
  • The Site Layout


The project requires solid phase water content ≤ 75% SS, wt ≤ 0.8%, and needs to limit the foam generated by protein stirring in the dewatering of kitchen digestate + chicken manure and cow manure. The solid phase water content ≤ 75% (sludge water content ≤ 80%) is mainly controlled by adding BD plates to the spiral to control the water content of the sludge phase through the extrusion of the sludge phase (FD plates can be considered at a later stage). After the foam is generated, the antifoam agent can be sprinkled or the liquid discharge pipe can be enlarged, the actual disposal on-site is achieved by disconnecting the diversion at the knife gate valve tee.

Customer Feedback

The customer's expected needs were met and the customer was satisfied with the outcome.

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