ZK LW750 x 3200 Centrifuge Application in Tunnel Slurry

Project Introduction

Company Name A construction machinery company Address Zhejiang, China
Model LW750 x 3200
Date 2021

Project Overview

The material of the project is tunnel slurry. During underground tunnel construction, a large amount of slurry will be produced in shield tunneling. After the slurry is pumped to the ground, it will enter the slurry separation station to be screened and filtered, dispose of sand and discharge mud. The filtered slurry will be entered the sedimentation tank. The centrifuge is mainly used to treat the waste slurry at the lower part of the sedimentation tank.

The project is equipped with 4 sets of 750 centrifuge skid mounted systems, 2 sets of Y8000 dosing systems and feed pumps. The waste slurry is pumped into the centrifuge through the feed pump. The dosing device can realize continuous configuration of chemicals, which can be pumped to the feed pipeline through the dosing pump to flocculate and separate the materials. The specific configuration is as follows:

Centrifuge Skid System
  • The centrifuge skid mounted system is mainly composed of LW750 two-phase centrifuge, control cabinet, lubricating oil station, feed flowmeter, dosing flowmeter, feed pipeline, dosing pipeline, skid, etc.
  • 750 decanter
Dosing Skid Mounted System

The dosing skid mounted system is mainly composed of Y8000 dosing device, control panel, dilution device, dosing pump, dosing pipelines, skid, etc. Y8000 dosing device can realize automatic dispensing. Through program automatic control, according to the set dispensing concentration, when the reagent level in the tank reaches the set lower limit, the water inlet solenoid valve will automatically open the water inlet. According to the water inlet flow, it will be automatically converted into the operation frequency of the powder supply motor for quantitative conveying of powder, and the reagent will be stirred by the mixer, The dosing device is with three compartments, which can realize the mixing, curing and storage. Use the dosing pump to pump the configured reagent into the mixing pipeline.

Y8000 Automatic Flocculant Preparation Device

The device consists of three parts. The first part is the dry powder feeding device, including: dry powder storage bin, dry powder feeding device, electric control sealing device, level switch, vibrator and mixer; The second part is the water injection dosing device, including: pressure reducing valve, stop valve, solenoid valve and electromagnetic flow meter; The third part is medicine storage tank (three compartments), mixing device, liquid level controller and pipeline valves. Polymer flocculant can be prepared by powder or liquid.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

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