ZK LWS350 x 1435CX Centrifuge Applies to Kitchen Wastes Project

Project Introduction

Company Name An Environmental Company in China Address China
Model LWS350 x 1435CX
Date 2021

Project Overview

On-site treatment process: waste recycling storage - coarse filtration - tumbler screen screening - spiral extrusion - pulping - heating - three-phase centrifuge separation.

The collected kitchen waste is first coarsely filtered through the storage tank, and the filtrate enters the filtrate tank. The sieved material is transported to the drum sieve through the screw conveyor for sorting, and the larger impurities in the material, such as plastic bags, are sorted out, and the filtered slurry from the drum sieve is transported to the screw extruder through the screw conveyor, and most of the larger impurities are removed through the extrusion and pressing of the screw extruder.


The project is equipped with a set of LWS350 x 1435CX three-phase centrifuge and a control cabinet.

Customer Feedback

  • Separation effect

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