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ZK LWS580 x 2400BX Centrifuge Application in Environment Protection

Project Introduction

Company Name An Environmental Protection Technology Company Address Xinjiang, China
Model LWS580 x 2400BX
Date 2021

Project Overview

The project is an oil sludge separation project. The product is 580 three-phase skid mounted system. The solid content of materials is 10 ~ 15%. Before material separation, it is heated to more than 80 ℃.

  • LWS580 Oil Sludge Treatment System


According to the on-site use situation and aiming at the problem of separation effect, did the adjustment of material pretreatment. Hydrochloric acid gel breaking and demulsification are added to the oil sludge, and then the material is heated to about 85 ℃ and then enters the three-phase centrifuge to separate mud, water and oil.

A pressure relief port is added on the overflow pipeline of the centrifuge to solve the problem of negative pressure oil absorption at the overflow port.

Because the material contains wax, the pipeline is easy to be blocked after the material is cooled, and the problem needs follow-up treatment.

Project Status and Customer Feedback

The physical and chemical properties of each batch of materials provided by customers are different, so the separation effects of different batches of materials are different. Generally, the material is heated to 85 ℃, the feed amount is about 8 m3 / h, the water content in the separated oil is about 4%, and the recovery rate of liquid oil is 90%. If the material itself contains more water and less scum, heat the material to 90 ℃ for separation. The feed amount is about 4 m3 / h, which can make the water content in the separated oil reach 2 ~ 3%, the oil content in the water 0.8% and the oil content in the slag 1.5%. The recovery rate of liquid oil is 95%. Meet customer needs.

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