LWS650 x 2650BX Centrifuge Applies to Kitchen Wastes Project

Project Introduction

Company Name An environmental Company in China Address China
Model LWS650 x 2650BX
Date 2020

Project Overview

The material of this project is the slurry of kitchen waste after slurry making, slurry dewatering, and sand removal. The feed temperature is about 70℃, PH 3 ~ 6, chloride ion content is about 7000, solid content is about 8 ~ 12%, oil content is about 2 ~ 4%, insoluble matter content is about 3 ~ 5%.

Customer Feedback

After the separation of our centrifuge, the oil-containing water is less than 5%; water containing oil is less than 0.5%, water containing slag is less than 5%; slag containing water is less than 80%. The feed volume is more than 15m³/h, which can meet the customer's demand.

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