From petroleum manufacturing to petroleum intelligence manufacturing

In 2016, in the face of the international oil prices remained low shock “forced” to oil equipment manufacturing companies almost out of breath “cold weather”, China petroleum equipment manufacturing system together, from the strategic planning, deepen the reform, innovation of science and technology, international cooperation and capacity authors efficiency and so on various aspects, to achieve the goal more than expected, WBH.

There are hundreds of successful measures, ultimately, a scientific path of “transformation from petroleum manufacturing to intellectual petroleum manufacturing”.

For a long time after the founding of new China, state-owned enterprises led the field of equipment manufacturing, especially in large-scale equipment manufacturing. It was not until the reform and opening up, with the rise of a number of restructured enterprises, private enterprises and joint ventures, that such a situation began to be broken down and competition was encouraged in the market.

In the face of market competition, China petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises not to fully into the market competition stimulates, but the protection measures self-marketing, lost the use of market rules, capital market and the market model to improve the chance of equipment manufacturing enterprise competition ability, will lose the golden period of development.

However, we can also see that in some high precision and high-end manufacturing areas, some central enterprises have also made remarkable achievements, including rockets, manned spaceflight, high-speed railway and nuclear power. Therefore, in order to survive and develop oil equipment manufacturing and other industries, especially to win the initiative of future development, it is necessary to transform from petroleum manufacturing to petroleum creation and petroleum intelligence. We must seize at an early date another golden period of deepening reform and transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.

At present, some state-owned enterprises and private companies have make full use of the flexibility of system and mechanism, and capital market to support for the development of this entity enterprise, to upgrade the competitiveness of the enterprises to a new step.