Water is very important in many of the industrial processes. It also supports life and this means it should be conserved. What happens with wastewater that comes from factories and industries? Where is it drained to? Is it even safe for the environment?

Well, wastewater is definitely unsafe. That is why it is crucial to treat it before releasing it into the rivers or even recycling it.

Now, are you looking for high quality wastewater treatment centrifuge in China?

Many companies offer separation services. However, there’s only one company with reputable services that never goes wrong. ZK Separation Company. It is a company specialized in manufacturing the highest quality of centrifuges in China. These centrifuges help to treat your wastewater, remove algae from river water, clean pipes, separate water and mud, among many other things.

Why ZK Separation Company is the best in the industry

ZK Separation Company doesn’t only supply wastewater treatment centrifuges. It also takes care of separations in the chemical industry, beverage, food waste, oil and gas, and fernentation. When it comes to wastewater treatment, different types of centrifuges are involved. These are basically what the company supplies for wastewater treatment.

1. Sand washing decanter centrifuge centrifuge in water treatment plant,horizontal dewatering centrifuge

2. Municipal sewage decanter centrifuge

3. Industrial wastewater centrifuge

4. Pipeline cleanout decanter centrifuge

5. Piling mud decanter centrifuge

6. River algae treatment centrifuge

7. River cleanout decanter centrifuge

Now, these are the reasons that make ZK Separation Company the most amazing in China.

1. Perfect quality of machines

This company has numerous engineers who have spent many years studying and doing the practical engineering work. They are both qualified and experienced in the most wonderful way. This translates to the high quality output produced in this company.

Each centrifuge is manufactured in a special way to completely suit the purpose it’s meant for. Machines form this company are long lasting and the highest in quality.

2. Reasonable prices

ZK Separation Company is very considerate when it comes to pricing. These are sophisticated machines that are very useful in different companies. That’s why we charge very affordable prices for each centrifuge.
We are the only company that sells high quality at reasonable prices.

3. Awesome customer service

Having been in the industry for so many years, we’ve gained experience in all dimensions. Apart from just engineering knowledge and experience, we’ve also learnt how to interact with customers and satisfy their needs.

We are a company that takes the customer as the boss. There’s a standby customer support channel through which you can contact us. In case of anything, it won’t be difficult for you to reach us.

Our employees are all professional and you don’t have to worry about being treated unprofessionally.

4. A wide range of centrifuges

ZK Separation Company is a place to shop everything under one roof. We stock all kinds of centrifuges. We have centrifuges in different designs, sizes, and functionality. You can always get exactly what you want.
We also have fruit juice and vegetable separation centrifuge, food waste treatment centrifuge, starch separator, protein separation centrifuge, sulfur foam treatment centrifuge, and coal tar separation among many others. This gives you a big list to choose from depending on your needs.


In case you want to set up a China wastewater centrifuge system, ZK Separation Company can handle it perfectly. Wastewater centrifuge dewatering is a very crucial process every factory should adopt. Good news is that you can get all your centrifuge needs at ZK Separation Company.