How a Flameproof Decanter Centrifuge works 01

Decanter Centrifuge Definition:

As we know, it is a machine that separates solid-liquid mixtures by centrifugal force.
The acceleration of centrifuge is transformed into gravity acceleration, so the separation factor is * G, which is an important parameter of centrifuge.

Medium can be treated by Flameproof Decanter Centrifuge:

  • Mediator Solvents: Toluene, Tributylamine (D-biotin)
  • Butyl acetate (penicillin fermentation broth);
  • 30% acetone, isopropanol, vinyl acetate and water (vinyl chloride resin);
  • C6-C8 naphthenic (polyethylene)
  • Hexane (polypropylene)
  • 80% alcohol
  • Alcohols (Vitamin E Fermentation Broth)

Three Elements of Combustion and Explosion:

The purpose of flameproof centrifuge is to make the three elements “three missing one” forever.

Safe and reliable Flameproof mechanisms:

  • Seal house structure

How a Flameproof Decanter Centrifuge works 03

In order to prevent channeling between solid and liquid phases, the gap between the plate and the drum shell makes the solid phase chamber, the liquid phase chamber and the intermediate chamber form relatively independent chambers.

  • Rotary shaft position seal structure

It does not affect the advantages of floating ring itself.

It solves the shortcoming of “once the fluid enters the floating ring, there is the risk of outflow seal”.

  • Protection of lubricating grease for spiral bearing
  • Centrifuge Pressure and Cavity Pressure Control System

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  • Centrifuge Testing Instrument
  • Centrifuge Interlocking Control System
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