Quality Industrial Sand Washing Decanter Centrifuges Manufacturer China

Intro: With the rapid development of industries across the globe, the importance and necessities of sand washing decanter centrifuge is increasing significantly. Over 8 billion tonnes of sand and gravel are required and processed for various projects every year. In order to be used the materials for industrial purposed it is an obligation to wash them. Therefore, a large volume of polluted water is created. Utilising the decanter to clean sand washing water offers an optimum remedy.

The brand of ZK Centrifuge an its product lines

Quality Industrial Sand Washing Decanter Centrifuges ManufactuZK Centrifuge is an established name in the sphere of China decanter centrifuges industry. The firm has been able to fulfil the expectations of the captains of the industry when it comes to supplying expert mechanism, technology and services. If we discuss about the product lines of ZK Centrifuge, we will see that an array of decanters, belt presses, separators, and systems are produced and developed here with valuable expert inputs and touch of latest technology.

Their products have created benchmarks in their own niche market, while several experiments are on leading to the innovation of new products to reduce time, cost and enhance efficiency in the sand and gravel washing industry.

Why opt for ZK Centrifuge products

Here are the benefits of choosing ZK Centrifuge over any other company. The super-efficient centrifuge designed to wash sand and gravel wastewater has the following features that enable all clients to remain hassle-free.

  1. Save down ground water and purified water
  2. Fully automatic and high functional
  3. Comes with great capacity
  4. Works 24 hours and saves workforce energy
  5. Occupies minimum area and ensures clean working zone

The best-selling products of ZK Centrifuge are:

  • Decanter
  • Separator
  • Sedicanter
  • Sorticanter
  • Tricanter
  • Belt presses
  • Plant construction
  • Machine rental

The application of industry decanter centrifuges can be in various fields. Some of the fields of its working area mineral oils production and industrial waste management, handling municipal sewage sludge, in creation of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food or beverage industries and edible oil and bio fuel production units.

The foundations of ZK Centrifuge

The company relies on some of the basic principles of the industry and thus offers optimum services to its wide range of clientele. The basic principles with which it deals are:

  • Project planning
  • Laboratory testing
  • Test machine
  • Enhanced engineering and commissioning
  • After sales review and treatment
  • Look for customer feedback and improvisation

The different analytical methods at the laboratories of the company offer initial point for properties separation.

On-site testing of machine is another important feature of ZK Centrifuge which gives customers an authentic proof of how their machines perform in the real field.

The planning and automation department of the firm is very flexible and it always adhere to the terms and conditions of the clients based on their custom requirement and budget and therefore, ZK Centrifuge has been able to sustain in the market for ages with faith and goodwill.


All ZK Centrifuge products are highly adaptable to different environment, material processing, required speed and other such configurations. Therefore, they cater to a large number of clientele.