What Centrifuges Do in the Beer Production Process?

The beer production process is mainly divided into malt making, wort making, pre-fermentation, post-fermentation, filtration and sterilization, and packaging. Decanter centrifuges and disc separators are widely used in beer production, mainly in the filtration and sterilization process, which not only help to increase production but also ensure stable beer quality.

The main purpose of filtration is to remove or reduce yeast and other microorganisms, turbidity (hop particles, proteins, protein-tannin complexes, polyphenols), or colloids that cause turbidity (β-glucans and some pastes). Filtration results in a bright, non-biologically stable brew. During the filtration process, we want a beer with low physical and chemical changes and low losses, and low filtration costs (that's why you don't see any filtration equipment in small breweries other than centrifuges).

Centrifugation effectively reduces the amount of diatomaceous earth used in later filtration, increases the single filtration time, reduces filtration batches, and reduces wine loss. At the same time, the centrifuge has the lowest level of oxygen absorption and the highest hygiene standards during separation.

Unlike the water seal, which requires water and CO2 at the top as the sealing medium, the centrifuge drum is equipped with a mechanical seal at the top, allowing it to handle high-pressure liquids with air, greatly reducing the contact between beer and oxygen. This feature also allows the machine power to be greatly reduced.

How Do Centrifuges Work in Beer Production?

As the filtrate passes through the accelerator, the yeast and condensate move against the disc due to gravity and centripetal force and are eventually slid down to the widest part of the entire drum (residue space)

Once the residue has gathered, there is a choice of timed or turbidity discharge The clarified liquid will then rise up the line or disc all the way to the discharge port.

What Are the Advantages of Centrifuges in Beer Production?

For beer production, it is essential to have a very good understanding of the brewing process. Every beer is different and therefore the brewing industry has specific requirements. And the centrifuge is a customized production machine, so it can provide exclusive solutions for different brewers. The use of centrifugal separation technology enables the optimization and standardization of brewery brewing processes and can lead to additional savings potential:

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