Grey Water Treatment Centrifuge Manufacturer

Grey water refers to integrated wastewater used in industrial production, such as chemical, power plants, hazardous waste high temperature treatment, printing and dyeing industries for dust removal, desulfurization, de-smoke, cooling, etc.

The significance of grey water treatment is:

Take the gray water in hazardous waste high temperature treatment as an example:

The flue gas generated by the cinder after high-temperature gasification carries hazardous waste particles and dust, and the cooling water used for cooling in the process finally forms gray water. Today, with the growing demand for environmental protection and increasingly strict environmental protection policies, the handling of industrial hazardous waste has become a top priority. The orders of hazardous waste treatment plants are increasing day by day. With the expansion of their production capacity, the hazardous wastes of various industries are like a world apart. The composition of the gray water produced in the process of production varies greatly.

In the traditional gray water treatment process, many hazardous waste treatment plants have selected vacuum belt filtration, plate and frame filter and other equipment for solid-liquid separation of gray water. Both of the above devices intercept the solid particles in the gray water through the filter medium. However, the filtration effect of all the devices using the filter medium is limited by the size of the solid particles and the compressibility of the solid. The smaller the particle size, the less likely it is to capture, and the better the compressibility, the more easily the solid particles cause clogging of the filter screen, greatly reducing the filtration effect. As the composition of the gray water changes, the original effective filtration method gradually loses its due effect. The principle of the gray water treatment centrifuge developed by ZK separation is to use the density difference between the solid phase and the liquid phase in the water, and the high-speed rotation of the drum of the equipment produces a centrifuge that is thousands of times larger than the gravity of the object.

The solid and liquid in the water are stratified by centrifugation and then discharged separately through different liquid phase and solid phase outlets. This method is not limited by the gray water component, and adopts fully automatic control with variable frequency modulation to set different gray water for different industries. The parameters have a solid removal rate of over 98%.The equipment has small footprint, low energy consumption, fully automatic control, and can be easily operated by one person. The fully enclosed design makes it have excellent working environment, low noise, low vibration and low maintenance cost. It is widely used in power plants and chemical industry. Gray water treatment in factories, printing and dyeing plants, the effect is remarkable.

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