How to Make Avocado Oil ?

Avocado, also known as avocado fruit, Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and protein, and more importantly, the oil content in its pulp is also very much.

Avocado Oil has the Following Four Functions:

It is precisely because of the value of avocado oil, the birth of a lot of avocado oil separation manufacturers. At present, the production methods of avocado oil include pressing method and centrifugal separation method.

The pressing method is to press the avocado oil through the pressed machine, but the color of the obtained avocado oil is darker, and some of the juice content is higher, and the pressing method has higher requirements for raw materials. If the water content is higher and the oil yield is low, the solid impurities still have higher oil content, and it cannot be repeatedly pressed; If the water content is low, the raw material is too dry, resulting in low oil yield, and the oil contains more paste solid impurities. The pressing method is rarely used because of its high technological requirements and difficult to control the oil yield.

Centrifugal separation is to break avocado oil into paste, break up the material cells, and the released oil molecules disperse in the slurry. The oil, water and impurities are separated by centrifugal force of centrifuge.

The Specific Process is as Follows:

In general, an avocado oil production plant will be equipped with a series of complete equipment, such as cleaning device, conveyor belt, lifting device, crushing and beating device, mixing device, separation device and purification device, which are connected by pipelines, valves, screw pumps, etc.

If we want to get more pure and continuous avocado oil, we can use the horizontal screw centrifuge and disc centrifuge to separate avocado pulp twice, and optimize the centrifuge parameters to achieve the full separation and purification of avocado pulp, so that the quality of avocado oil can be significantly improved; In the mixing device, by heating and stirring, the oil molecules in the avocado pulp can be fully separated, which is conducive to the centrifuge to separate more avocado oil, thus increasing the oil yield of avocado fruit; The continuous and high-yield production of avocado oil can be realized by using high-performance centrifuges in series and parallel.

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