How to Make Palm Oil ?

Palm oil is squeezed from the palm fruit of oil palm tree. After refining and fractionation of palm oil, it can obtain products with different melting points. It is widely used in catering industry, food industry and chemical industry.

Southeast Asia and Africa are the main producing areas of palm oil, accounting for about 88% of the world's total palm oil production. Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria are the top three producing countries in the world.

Palm oil is widely used in cooking and food manufacturing in the world. It is used as cooking oil, crunchy fat and margarine. Like other edible oils, palm oil is easy to digest, absorb and promote health. Palm oil is an important component of fat. It has mild properties and is a good material for making food. There are two kinds of oil in the fruit of oil palm, and palm oil is obtained from the pulp; Palm kernel oil was obtained from palm seed (kernel).

People can obtain Crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PE) from palm pulp through the process of boiling, crushing and extracting; Meanwhile, during the process of crushing, the palm fruit (i.e. palm kernel) is separated, then crushed and removed from the shell. The remaining nuts are extracted to obtain Crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) and Palm kernel Expeller (PKE).

Centrifugal separation is the most critical step in the whole extraction process. Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge and disc centrifuge are generally used together for separation and purification.

Centrifugal Separation and Extraction of Palm Oil

Production Process:

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