Industrial Waste Water Treatment Centrifuge Suppliers

Decanter Centrifuge Applies in Industry Waste Water Treatment

The quantity and quality of industrial wastewater vary greatly depending on the product and production process. It is not suitable to use typical data and should be investigated on site.

A large amount of cooling water is used in the industry, and most of the materials are in contact with each other. The quality of the used water generally changes little, but the water temperature rises.

On the contrary, the liquid and washing wastewater used in the production process (except for wastewater from papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing industries) generally have a small amount of water, but the water quality is extremely complicated and the concentration is generally high.

ZK separation design and manufacture special decanter centrifuge of industrial wastewater treatment has a unique setting and configuration for different industries and wastewater characteristics.

This type of centrifuge is widely used in paper mill sewage, printing and dyeing plant sewage, coal washing water (commonly known as gray water), neutralization wastewater, power plant wastewater, purification water station wastewater, industrial cooling wastewater.

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