Palm Oil Disc Centrifuge

Palm oil is a tropical vegetable oil, which is the largest vegetable oil in the world in terms of production, consumption and international trade. Together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil, it is known as "the world's three major vegetable oils" and has a edible history of more than five thousand years.

Extraction Process of Palm Oil

Palm-oil plants harvest FFB (Fresh Fruit Brunch) from plantations and press crude oil and other by-products. The main products are CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and Palm Kernel (PK). CPO is extracted from the mesocarp and PK is extracted from the nucleoli. The pericarp oil content of oil palm fruit is as high as 75%, and the oil extracted is brownish yellow, commonly known as skin oil; Seeds containing fat and protein, kernel oil content of 45%, can also be pressed oil, oil white, said palm kernel oil.

Palm Oil Mill Process

Heat the palm fruit skewers in a horizontal or vertical matzah jar for 2 hours, in order to Destroy lipase, so as not to increase the content of free fatty acids in oil;

High temperature leaven can make the fruit soft, convenient for mechanical threshing;

Pretreated pericarp for subsequent processing;

Preregulate the seed to reduce kernel breakage.

When the palm fruit enters the leavened jar, close the leavened jar, open the exhaust valve below the leavened jar, and then enter the saturated steam. When the cold air in the jar is basically discharged, close the exhaust valve and enter the cooking leavened jar. The time of leavened jar is generally 2 hours. When the yeast is finished, close the steam inlet valve, open the valve to the muffler, and drain the water and steam out of the jar before opening the door of the yeast jar.

ZK Disc Centrifuge

ZK disc centrifuge is a kind of special equipment for the separation of palm oil, which is characterized by high oil production efficiency, large output and high degree of automation. It is suitable for the separation of immiscible oil and water with lower solid content suspension and smaller specific gravity difference. Its principle is according to the centrifugal force to make different gravity of the material stress, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

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