What is the Most Suitable Way to Extract Pea Protein?

Pea protein powder is a protein extracted from peas using advanced technology. Pea protein contains all the essential amino acids for the human body and is with complete nutrition. Protein is the material basis of life and one of the three major components of the human body. The lack of protein can cause growth retardation, weakened immunity, loose skin, and premature aging. Pea is a legume plant. Pea is rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially high-quality protein. And legumes do not contain cholesterol, which is better than animal protein.

However, the traditional pea separation has a low separation effect on the protein during the processing of the separated protein and cause the waste of the protein, which is not conducive to the full separation of the pea grain protein.

ZK Separation has effectively solved this technical problem, to solve the problem of poor separation effect on protein during protein separation and cause protein waste. Conducive to the question of sufficient separation of pea grain protein, the specific steps of the process method for extracting pea protein isolate are as follows:

In food and beverage processing, for solid-liquid separation, food-grade decanters are usually used.

ZK Decanter Centrifuge uses the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation to extract and separate various vegetable proteins such as soy protein, acid precipitation and separation.

Its advantages are high protein yield, high protein content, low solid content of soybean water, and low cost for subsequent discharge into the wastewater treatment plant; the separation equipment has a small footprint, simple operation, high automation and low labor costs, and it has smart operation. The two-phase decanter centrifuge equipment has won unanimous praise from many plant protein companies.

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