Pharmaceuticals Flame-proof Centrifuge Working Principle

Pharmaceuticals flame-proof centrifuge (horizontal screw centrifuge) is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, and liquid-liquid-solid heterogeneous materials. The flat screw centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles from the liquid phase in suspension. Alcohol precipitation of traditional Chinese medicine has been widely used in medicine injections and oral agents. In the separation process of alcohol settling refining liquid and impurities, pharmaceuticals flame-proof centrifuge by characteristics of different material density separate solid and liquid through the centrifugal force field, and get the clarified liquid and dry solids respectively.

The role of medicine & health grade centrifuges

The TCM formula granules are prepared by extracting and concentrating the single-flavored TCM decoction pieces for Chinese medicine’s clinical formula. Chinese medicinal herbs are extracted, concentrated, dried, granulated, packaged, and processed into a new formulation of uniform specification, uniform dosage, and uniform quality standard.

In the pharmaceutical extraction industry, a water extraction process and an alcohol extraction process are generally employed, wherein the water extraction process (water as solvent) is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry and suitable for extracting substances whose active ingredients are soluble in water and relatively stable but is not conducive to refining. At present, alcohol extraction is an increasingly adopted process (solvent is an alcohol medium), mainly because alcohol has good solubility and strong penetrating ability to Chinese herbal cells. The dissolved water-soluble impurities are reduced, and the extraction effect is better. However, it has high requirements on the explosion-proof performance of the production equipment. Therefore, explosion-proof health grade centrifuges are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Characteristics of medicine & health grade centrifuges

The key to production equipment is to avoid external pollution, mixed batch pollution of drugs, mixed pollution, and cross-contamination of different medication varieties.

Material :The sealing material and lubricating grease in contact with the material accord with the relevant standards of food and medicine.

Design of equipment sanitation level:The structure is designed to avoid the precipitation zones of gaps and fine particles that are difficult to wash and remove;

The gloss finish of the surface in direct contact with the material: the unevenness is at most 0.8 μm (sanitary level polishing);

Structure and surface treatment

The design, products, and equipment that are easy to accumulate material and scale are very harmful. Therefore, the joint of the horizontal screw centrifuge should be welded without interruption. Fillet weld should be ground into a round corner. The conical screw section of the horizontal screw centrifuge for pharmaceutical use adopts the square hole structure, which can eliminate the material accumulation inside the screw, thus improving the service environment of the conical screw section bearing and increasing the service life of the bearing. The horizontal screw centrifuge adopts “saddle” shaped solids outlet to make the discharge smooth and no dead angle accumulation. The stainless steel surface of the equipment structure, such as the inner wall of the rotating bowl of the horizontal screw centrifuge, the material surface of the screw blade, the frame and the cavity of the cover, etc., should be polished to minimize adhesion of pollutants on the surface of the equipment.

Flame-proof technology –Inert gas to do flame-proof

The inner chamber and the rotating shaft of the centrifuge are filled with inert gas, generally nitrogen, together with our advanced pressure balance technology (inert gas control system and pressure balance system) to ensure that “the centrifuge chamber does not leak, and the outside air does not enter the chamber.”

Shaft seal technology

According to the flameproof horizontal screw centrifuge’s structural characteristics, there are six gas flameproof sealing points, which are the main bearing seat at both ends and the feed pipe seat, screw big and small end, hood, and the seat. Besides, related main and back motors, sensors, etc., are of an explosion-proof type. Adequate configuration of flameproof sealing points can ensure the overall flameproof effect of the horizontal screw centrifuge and ensure the explosion-proof production workshop’s safety.

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