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At present, the domestic mechanism sand production process generally involves mechanically crushing the pebbles or ores, and then washing the sand and gravel through the sand washing equipment to obtain fine sand with less mud content. This production process produces a large amount of sewage, and the main pollutant is sediment.

Among them, the sludge is suspended in water, which is difficult to settle, and the direct discharge is serious to the water body. The industry adopts the sedimentation tank method, which has a large area, long processing time and difficult to extract sediment. The cost of the tanker truck is high.

Nowadays, the common treatment method is that the sand washing mud water is sedimented and concentrated by the sedimentation tank, and then centrifugally dehydrated by the sand washing mud dewatering device. After dehydration, the clear liquid can be reused, and the solid sludge has low moisture content after centrifugation and dehydration, and can be dried for easy transportation.

The sand washing wastewater enters the advection grit chamber through the draining ditch for pretreatment. After natural sedimentation, the large particles of sediment in the wastewater are removed, and the effluent flows to the coagulation tank.

At this time, the first coagulant will treat the impurities in the wastewater. The effluent enters the sedimentation tank, and the impurities are deposited at the bottom of the pool. The sludge at the bottom of the tank is dredged by the submersible mud pump, and the effluent from the sedimentation tank enters the clear water pool. Or further processing up to harmless discharge.

The coagulant may be a polyferric sulfate, a polyferric chloride or a basic aluminum chloride (commonly known as alum), and the reference dosage is about 20 mg/l; or an auxiliary polyacrylamide anion type widely used for water treatment. Molecular flocculant, reference dosage is about 4-5mg / l, specifically adjust the dosage of the actual effluent water quality to ensure that the effluent water quality is clear.

The special centrifuge for washing sand wastewater designed and manufactured by ZK separation has significant advantages in the process of treating sand washing water and gravel washing water:

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