Introduction and Application of Solid Bowl Centrifuge

Introduction of Bowl (Drum)

Bowl (Drum) refers to the rotating parts in centrifuges, gas flow-meters, granulators, grinding machines and other equipment.

It is widely used in many industrial machinery equipment. In which, especially decanter centrifuge adopts the bowl structure.

At present, the bowl (drum) is mainly made of 304,316 stainless steel and duplex stainless steel 2205, etc.

The forming method is mainly welded stainless steel, and a small amount is forged.

The grain structure of the heat-affected zone at the rotary bowl (drum) weld of the welding parts is larger, and the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are affected.

The spinning bowl (drum) forging technology has low yield, many processes, long production cycle and high cost.

Application of solid bowl centrifuge

With the acceleration of urbanization, the pace of urban construction will be gradually accelerated.

In the pile foundation engineering of building construction, the application of muddy water pipe jacking, muddy water shield, bored cast-in-place pile, underground diaphragm wall and other underground projects are increasing gradually.

In order to cool down the bit and carry the rock powder, mud is usually used as the bit washing fluid during the operation of the bit. Besides, mud also protects the wall of the bit.

Due to the comprehensive drilling method, the solid phase mass fraction in the mud increases rapidly in the drilling process, and a large amount of waste mortar is returned.

Because the recycling of mud needs to be ensured in the construction site, most of the mud is preserved by natural precipitation.

However, with the deepening of drilling, more and more mud is sent back to the construction site, which makes the construction site muddy and seriously affects the construction progress.

In addition, how to deal with a large amount of waste mud also becomes a problem that troubles the construction project.

At present, the main method to deal with this kind of problem is to adopt the mechanical method, and the most used equipment is the horizontal screw centrifuge.

The main separation work is carried out in the separation field, so the design of reasonable separation field structure is very important for the smooth separation work.

The rotary bowl (drum) conical beach is the most important parameter in the design of horizontal screw centrifuge. Its variation range is very small, but the variation value has an important influence on the moisture content of sediment.

The centrifuge is a mechanical equipment which relies on the strong centrifugal force generated by the rotating bowl (drum) of high speed to realize the separation of liquid solid and liquid of various materials.

The bowl (drum) is the key component of a centrifuge. The strength of the bowl (drum) is directly related to the safety of the centrifuge.

The calculation results of bowl (drum) strength are mainly aimed at determining the basic wall thickness of bowl (drum), and the local structure of bowl (drum) is mostly determined by means of experience or analogy.

Solid bowl (drum) centrifuge is a machine that is by centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or the components in a mixture of liquid and liquid.

The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in suspension from the liquid, or the two kinds of liquid in emulsion with different density but not mutually soluble.

Now, centrifuges are widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and vessel shipping.

Except for Solid bowl (drum) centrifuge, there are some other types of centrifuges, customers can choose suitable type of centrifuge according to the required speed. The followings are referring for choice:

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