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Corn, cassava, rice, wheat, etc. are the most widely used raw materials in the fermentation industry.

Due to the high efficiency, stability and environmental protection of centrifuge dewatering, the starch separator is introduced in the fermentation industry to provide guarantee for efficient dehydration and subsequent process energy conservation.

Under the condition of corn and cassava as raw materials, the high sand content in the mash is an important factor affecting the stability and service life of the centrifuge.

The sand removal technology of ZK starch separation is matched with the high-performance wear-resistant protective material of the centrifuge. The centrifuge maintenance cycle is greatly extended to ensure annual normal running time. The separator is a new revolution (two in one)

The new disc horizontal screw starch centrifuge (hereinafter referred to as the disc screw centrifuge) is a clever combination of the ordinary decanter centrifuge and the disc separator, which complements the advantages of both, and has the following characteristics:

The Liquid Phase is More Clarified After Separation

The disc screw centrifuge with the addition of the disc layer can increase the effective settlement area (∑) by 3 to 5 times. In the case of the same aspect ratio, the sedimentation probability of the solid particles is increased several times, and a clearer separation liquid is obtained. Effectively reduce subsequent operating costs.

Reduce Equipment Investment Costs

Part of the production process requires that the liquid after coarse separation by the ordinary centrifuge is then purified into the disc separator. Now, we can consider the disc screw centrifuge to replace the ordinary decanter centrifuge and the disc separator to synthesize the two processes.

Reduce Process Operating Costs

In the DDGS production process, a more clarified separation liquid can extend the refueling cycle while reducing the energy consumption of the concentration section.

Through the following figure, we will see the application process of our decanter centrifuge in the starch separation industry.

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