Tailing Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

The tailing slurry is characterized by great changes in water quantity and quality, and acidic sewage.

Tailing slurry always is difficult to be treated in sewage treatment. Due to large discharge and long settling time, some surfaces have dried, but the internal water cannot be evaporated. Moreover, the concentration of tailings water is generally higher than that of general sewage, and the proportion is larger. Over time, it is easy to cause the danger of collapse, especially the tailings pond, which is very unsafe, tailing dam leakage accidents emerge one after another at home and abroad, which has a serious impact on the environment.

With the continuous development of the mining industry, there will be a large number of tailings. If there is no good way to deal with them, there will be no place to stack them, which will lead to waste of resources, environmental pollution, potential safety hazards and land occupation.

The horizontal screw centrifuge solves this problem, realizes the recovery and utilization of kaolin and other resources in tailings, and can effectively use part of the recycled water.

Horizontal screw centrifuge is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment, with its compact structure, small footprint, high degree of automation, strong processing capacity, good solid-liquid separation effect, it has been widely used in the tailings treatment industry of metal mines, non-metal mines and coal mines. Through separation and dehydration, the water in tailings is drained and the stacking volume is reduced.

Working Principle of Horizontal Screw Centrifuge in Tailing Treatment

Tailing slurry is pumped or self-flowing into horizontal screw centrifuge. Under the action of centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of bowl, solid and liquid components of tailing slurry are stratified due to different densities, so as to realize solid-liquid separation.

The solid particles with high density settle on the inner wall of the bowl and move towards the outlet of the cone section of the bowl under the push of the screw conveyor.

The solid particles are further dehydrated under the bidirectional extrusion between the cone section of the bowl and the flight to reduce the solid moisture content. The separated liquid phase overflows out of the working chamber and is collected by the collecting chamber and then discharged out of the centrifuge.

Horizontal screw centrifuge is not only suitable for tailings treatment, but also for dehydration of construction piling mud, Stone mud, drilling mud, sand field mud and tunnel mud.

Compared with the filter press, the horizontal screw centrifuge has the advantages of large capacity, good separation performance, strong adaptability, low labor intensity, stable performance, convenient installation and operation, small floor area, low maintenance cost, and can realize continuous automatic separation.

Tailing Dewatering Process

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