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Water Based Mud Treatment System

The water-based mud closed-loop treatment system is a collection of cuttings, transmission, dosing, molding, gel breaking, solid-liquid separation and other technical means, the cuttings discharged from the solid control system during drilling and the drilling fluid after drilling Collecting and processing to realize a system that does not fall into the ground and is harmless.

The system is mainly composed of two parts: the cuttings processing system and the mud processing system. The system aims to process the water-based drilling fluid and cuttings in the drilling process in real time to achieve the clean production requirements of “the mud does not fall to the ground”.

After the system treatment, the cuttings become the expected blocks; the drilling fluid is effectively purified or separated by pressure filtration, and returned to the solid control system for reuse or into the clear water tank as well production water. The system mainly includes 7 functional units: drying sieve unit, high-speed centrifuge unit, filter press dewatering unit, molding machine unit, material transfer unit, dosing device, stirring curing unit.

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