The LWS450 Decanter was Successfully Delivered to the Customer


In recent years, ZK has been receiving orders, and only with good cooperation from all departments can we deliver quality equipment and services to our customers in a timely manner.

Even though the production task is heavy and the delivery time is tight, we always adhere to the service concept of "what you need is what we can do" and deliver quality products to our customers in a timely manner with guaranteed quality.

Although the order quantity is large and the production is busy, we always insist on a high standard of quality inspection. Each machine is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure that every machine delivered to our customers is of high quality.

Due to our excellent product technology and good industry reputation, all customers who have cooperated with us have trust in us. We will continue to work hard to practice the spirit of craftsmanship and deliver quality products and services to more customers.


  • Model: LWS450 × 1845CX
  • Type: Three-phase horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge
  • Capacity: 5 ~ 10m³/h
  • Bowl Inner Diameter: 450 mm
  • Bowl Speed: 3500rpm
  • Fr: 3087
  • Wetness of mud cake: <75 ~ 80% (wt)
  • Water content in oil: <2% (wt)
  • Oil content in water: < 0.3% (wt)

Technical Features

  • Heavy phase liquid (water) is discharged by intelligent discharge type, centripetal pump discharge.
  • Light phase liquid (oil) is discharged by gravity.
  • Patented light liquid phase adjustment adopts gate-type adjustment technology (adjustable by screw expansion and contraction, no need to dismantle the machine).
  • Heavy liquid phase adjustment adopts centripetal pump adjustment technology (adjustable without stopping the machine).
  • Spiral feed is equipped with a slurry acceleration tube to accelerate the slurry before it enters the drum, which can effectively improve the separation performance of the centrifuge.
  • Ingenious and unique diversified three-phase separation structure.
  • High-performance wear and corrosion-resistant hard carbide.
  • High-performance stainless steel material.
  • High dryness spiral conveyor and bowl structure.
  • High-torque involute planetary gear differential.
  • CIP cleaning system.
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