ZK Customized decanter centrifuges shipped to Yichun


Recently, a batch of three-phase centrifuges LWS580×2400CX customized for a large environmental company was shipped to Yichun. As the core equipment of the oil extraction section of the food waste treatment project, this batch of centrifuges is specially manufactured according to the customer's requirements and the actual project process characteristics.

We adhere to the customer-centric, do our best to meet customer needs, and work hand in hand with customers to create more added value in the industry.

Working Principle of Decanter Centrifuges

The feed product is pumped into the decanter centrifuge through the inlet. Feed goes into a horizontal bowl, which rotates. The bowl is composed of a cylindrical part and a conical part. The separation takes place in the cylindrical part of the bowl. The fast rotation generates centrifugal forces up to 4000 x g. Under these forces, the solid particles with higher density are collected and compacted on the wall of the bowl. A scroll (also screw or screw conveyor) rotates inside the bowl at a slightly different speed. This speed difference is called the differential speed. This way the scroll is transporting the settled particles along the cylindrical part of the bowl and up to the end conical part of the bowl. At the smallest end of the conical part of the bowl, the dewatered solids leave the bowl via a discharge opening. The clarified liquid leaves through a paring disc (internal centripetal pump).

Control System Features

ZK centrifuges have an automatic control function, i.e. constant torque differential speed control. Since the solid content of the feed material may fluctuate, the differential speed control system is adopted to ensure the stability of the differential speed to achieve a constant dryness of the solid phase, so as to make the separation effect in the best state, and also to ensure the safe operation of the centrifuge. ZK centrifuge has excellent sealing performance, and the dewatering is working in a fully sealed state, which makes the working environment clean, safe, and reliable.

Technical features of the LWS580 x 2400CX centrifuge main bearing lubrication station:

  • Equipped with oil level flooder, high and low oil level alarm and interlock control in the oil tank.
  • Double filter structure (filter cleaning can also be carried out during operation).
  • Alarm and interlock control for oil return after bearing seat lubrication.
  • Bearing real temperature detection, interlock control.
  • Bearing oil return temperature detection, interlock control.
  • Oil pump outlet oil temperature detection.
  • Oil pump outlet pressure, post-filter pressure detection, comparison.
  • Equipped with pressure regulating valve, flow regulating valve, etc.
  • Lubricating oil cooling can adopt tubular water cooler.

We will commission the equipment before delivery, and the commissioning time will vary depending on the condition of the equipment. Professional and fine commissioning is the only way to ensure the stable operation of each piece of equipment in the project site.

ZK SEPARATION produces & sells professional centrifuges, guarantees product quality and provides excellent after-sales service to ensure every customer's worry-free after-sales service!

This machine adopts the most advanced international special structure design with better performance than ordinary centrifuges, better sealing effect, greater processing capacity, better separation effect, stable and reliable. Easy to operate and other features, mechanical performance higher than the JB/T502-2015 "spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge" standard.

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