ZK Decanter for Glass Grinding Wastewater Treatment


Cell phones, computers, TVs, and many other electronic products have various kinds of glass panels, which are realized by advanced production technology and exquisite grinding technology.

In the grinding production process, a large amount of grinding wastewater is generated, and there are a large number of recyclable solid particles in the grinding wastewater, which has a high economic value for recycling.

Grinding wastewater characteristics:
  • Small particles - the grinding particles are of micron or nano level;
  • High concentration, suspended particles are stable and not easy to settle;
  • Hardness and highly abrasive;
  • Alkaline.

ZK SEPARATION As a qualified equipment developer and supplier in the decanter centrifuge industry, ZK decanter was successfully applied to the treatment of grinding wastewater in a technology company in Hunan. After adjusting the PH value of the grinding wastewater, it was then treated with PAM, and finally, the solid-liquid separation was carried out by ZK two-phase decanter, and the treatment effect was well received by the user.

Features of ZK Decanter

  • Continuous separation operation with less manual intervention;
  • Stepless adjustment of rotational speed and differential speed;
  • Using wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant parts, long service life;
  • Small footprint, can realize the vehicle mobile or skid-mounted assembly form;
  • Simple operation, with one key start/stop mode, automatic cleaning;
  • PLC automatic control - can be operated remotely;
  • Low energy consumption, using dual motor frequency conversion common DC bus energy-saving technology.
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