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In the centrifuge production process, the screw body parts as the core components of the centrifuge, and their quality directly determines the quality of the whole product. The wear-resistant treatment of the screw body blade outer edge and end face is the key process of screw body production, which determines the maintenance cycle and service life of the decanter centrifuge The traditional process of the wear-resistant treatment of spiral blade outer edge and end face is manual gas welding or manual argon arc welding, which have the following problems:

  • Product quality is not guaranteed, subject to the influence of human factors.
  • Low production efficiency.
  • Poor working environment.
  • Employees' work intensity is high.

In order to improve the quality of the screw blade outer edge and end face wear treatment, and to avoid the above problems, ZK introduced a special plasma powder surfacing equipment - horizontal powder surfacing equipment (mainly surfacing spiral outer edge), vertical powder surfacing equipment (mainly surfacing spiral blade pushing surface).

Basic Principle

Plasma powder overlay welding uses the plasma arc as the heat source and uses the high temperature it generates to rapidly heat the alloy powder and the substrate surface and melt, mix, diffuse, and solidify them together. After the plasma beam leaves, it cools down to form a high-performance wear-resistant alloy layer, thus realizing a surfacing process that strengthens and hardens the surface of the part. The plasma arc has the characteristics of high temperature, large heat transfer rate, good stability and controllable melt depth. By adjusting the relevant overlay parameters, the thickness, width and hardness of the overlay layer can be freely adjusted within a certain range.

After plasma powder overlay welding, the fusion interface will be formed between the base material and the overlay material, which has the characteristics of high strength, dense organization, corrosion resistance and good wear resistance. The use of powder as the overlay material can improve the selectivity of the alloy design, especially the ability to successfully overlay refractory materials, improve the wear resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance of the workpiece. Plasma powder overlay welding has high productivity, beautiful forming degree and automation.

Technical Features
  • Fusion cladding alloy layer and screw blade is metallurgical bonding, with high bonding strength.
  • Fast overlay welding speed, low dilution rate.
  • The overlay layer is dense and smoothly formed.
  • Plasma overlay welding can be carried out directly on the surface of rusted and oiled metal parts without a complicated pre-treatment process.
  • The surfacing process is easy to realize mechanization and automation.
  • Compared with other plasma spray welding equipment structure is simple, energy-saving and easy to operate, easy to repair and maintain.
  • Greatly improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve product quality and increase production efficiency.
Comparison Items Manual Surfacing Plasma Powder Surfacing Remark
Quality Uneven - see picture
Demand Professional welders required Low technical requirements -
Working Environment Poor Greatly improved with perfect security protection -
Automation Level Low High -
Efficiency Low 3~4 times than manual -
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