ZK LW580 × 2400B Decanter Shipped to Xinjiang

Although the weather has been cold recently, it has not affected the enthusiasm of ZK staff. Every time we step into the workshop, we see a busy scene of stock preparation and delivery.

LW580×2400B centrifuge is mainly used for: oil sludge treatment, oily sewage (waste) water treatment, oil-based drilling mud treatment, landed oil sludge/oil, and gas station tank bottom sludge/sedimentation tank oily sludge treatment.

Technical Features

  • Low infrastructure cost, good site operation environment.
  • Stable operation, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost.
  • Modular design, easy to learn and understand the operation.
  • Unique and diversified liquid phase discharge structure.
  • High-performance wear and corrosion-resistant hard alloy.
  • High-performance stainless steel material.
  • High dryness spiral conveyor, bowl structure.
  • High torque involute planetary gear differential.
  • CIP cleaning system.
  • Humanized configuration.
  • Variable pitch technology.
  • High rigidity spiral rotor technology.
  • Dual motor and dual frequency conversion common DC bus technology.
  • Constant torque control technology.


Model LW580×2400B
Capacity 20-30 m3/h
Bowl Diameter 580 mm
L/D Ratio 4.1
Bowl Speed 2800 rpm
Fr 2546
Differential speed 1 - 36 rpm
Main motor 75 - 90kW
Back motor 18.5 kW
Weight 6500 kg
Dimension 5520 × 1450 × 1700
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