Food Waste Oil Extraction Centrifuge Delivered To Guizhou

ZK SEPARATION is dedicated to the research and manufacture of high-performance decanter centrifuges. After more than twenty years of innovation and development, we have accumulated rich experience in centrifuge R&D, production and projects, and our products are sold all over the world.

Recently, the large model ZK three-phase decanter LWS580 x 2400CX was delivered to an environmental protection company in Guizhou for food waste oil extraction.

Product Advantages

ZK centrifuge can realize automatic control, i.e. constant torque differential speed control. As the solid content of the feed may fluctuate, the use of a differential speed control system is to ensure that the differential speed is stable and the solid phase dryness is constant, which makes the separation effect in the best condition and ensures the reliable and safe operation of the centrifuge. At the same time, ZK centrifuge has excellent sealing performance, the internal environment is clean, safe and reliable.

Technical Features

  • Heavy phase liquid (water) adopts intelligent liquid discharge type, centripetal pump discharge.
  • Patented light liquid phase gate type adjustment technology (adjustable by screw expansion and contraction, no need to disassemble the machine).
  • Heavy liquid phase centripetal pump adjustment technology (can be adjusted without stopping the machine).
  • Equipped with sludge acceleration tube, which can effectively improve the separation performance of the centrifuge.
  • High-performance wear and corrosion-resistant hard alloy.
  • High dryness spiral conveyor and bowl structure.
  • High torque involute planetary gear differential.
  • CIP cleaning system.


  • Model: LWS580 x 2400CX
  • Capacity: 15~20 m3/h
  • Bowl Diameter: 580 mm
  • L/D Ratio: 4.1
  • Bowl Speed: 3000rpm
  • Fr: 2948
  • Differential speed: 1~30rpm
  • Main motor: 55kW
  • Back motor: 18.5kW
  • Weight: 6500kg
  • Dimension: 5300×1750×1382
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