ZK SEPARATION Helps Asia's Top 500 Company Achieved Zero Pollution of Steel Rolling Wastewater


The customer is a large steel product manufacturer, headquartered in North China, whose production bases are located in all major regions of China and countries along the "Belt and Road", with sales networks covering Asia, Europe, Africa and America, and products exported to more than 120 countries around the world. Its products have significant advantages in the domestic market and export market. The company has been rated AAA by the United Credit Rating for a long time, and has been awarded the "A+ Competitiveness" rating for metallurgical enterprises and the title of "Top 500 Asian Brands".

The company's rolling mill produces a large amount of wastewater during the rolling process, and the main solid phase in its wastewater is steel slag, sand and gravel. Previously, its treatment process adopted the method of overflowing from the upper part and extracting the upper wastewater for reuse, while the lower sediment was cleared by excavator + manual pool, which had high work intensity, large floor space, long treatment time and low treatment efficiency.

In order to improve the treatment process of steel rolling wastewater, improve the production efficiency and realize the resourceful and efficient use of wastewater, our company designed and built the "special steel rolling wastewater treatment system" for them. The whole system is specially designed and installed by our company according to the characteristics of the material on-site, and a special centrifuge is designed for this project according to the features of the material. After the treatment, the liquid is clear, the slag is dry and the treatment capacity is large, and all the steel rolling wastewater is reused with high efficiency, realizing zero discharge and pollution of wastewater, which is highly recognized by the customer.

The steel rolling wastewater treatment system and centrifuge have the following features:

1. Good operation continuity, continuous feeding-separation-discharge-slagging process, no downtime.

2. Good wear resistance of the equipment. All parts in contact with materials are made of special wear-resistant ceramic "four pieces", which are resistant to abrasion and have a long service life.

3. Good performance stability of the equipment. Patented metal seal, no leakage in equipment operation, less vibration and noise in equipment during operation.

4. Fully automatic dosing and filling of equipment. One key digital control, fully automatic dosing system.

5. Simple operation of equipment. The whole system adopts PLC digital control and can be started with one key, fully automatic cleaning, the whole system is multi-functional and integrated, and can be operated by a single person and from a distance.

6. Energy-saving and environmental protection system. Adopting the drive scheme of double motors and double frequency conversion common DC bus, it can reasonably utilize the power generated by the secondary motor and realize energy saving and efficiency.

We always adhere to the concept of sustainable development, according to the different material characteristics of each industry, customized its special centrifuge or complete sets of equipment. We actively cooperate with our partners to promote the resourceful disposal of various industries, and contribute to the realization of the reduction, harmlessness and resourcefulness of resourceful disposal of various industries in China, to promote the construction of "waste-free city", to enhance ecological civilization and to build a harmonious living environment.

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