ZK Two-phase Centrifuge Successfully Applied to the Separation of Coal-Mine Drainage


The main sources of coal mine drainage are washing water from the coal mining process, seepage water with coal debris in the strata, cleaning water from the main inclined shafts and coal conveyor belts, washing water from the coal mine roadways and water from the working face gun holes, etc. Coal mine drainage water has the following characteristics:

  • High flow rate
  • Complex nature
  • Concentration of the finest and most difficult-to-treat microparticles in the raw coal

Coal mine drainage treatment should depend on the geological conditions of the coal seam and the economic conditions of mining and mining space. For a well-operated coal mine drainage treatment system, the following principles should be achieved:

  • All coal well water should be recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible to provide for emergency water storage;
  • The coal well water should be as clear as possible, and the concentration of circulating water should be as low as possible;
  • The process should be as simple as possible, easy to manage, and environmentally friendly;
  • Equipment is suitable for local conditions and can recover coal sludge.

ZK has developed a new type of high-efficiency coal mine drainage treatment centrifuge, which not only meets the above principles, but also greatly improves the production conditions and the technical and economic indexes of the coal processing plant.

All electrical and motor parts meet the explosion-proof grade EX dIBT4 and MA certification, suitable for underground use in coal mines.

  • tar decanter
  • coal tar treatment

The height of the whole machine is adjustable to meet the underground space operation, and the slag can be directly conveyed by belt machine.

  • coal tar decanter

The solid slag discharge port of the drum cone section is equipped with replaceable high quality carbide wear-resistant tiles; the edge of the spiral feeder blade is set with replaceable high quality carbide pieces, with a service life of more than 40,000h.

  • decanter part
  • decanter part

The high-speed rotating shaft position adopts a variety of sealing structure combinations to avoid damage to the equipment due to the harsh environment of the site.

  • decanter part
  • decanter part
  • decanter part
  • decanter part

The differential gear adopts the two-stage planetary gear differential with large bearing capacity, stable and reliable operation, which can realize the differential speed steplessly adjustable.

  • decanter part

The electrical control system takes the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the core, the colorful LCD touch screen with a friendly interface as the operation interface, and the energy-saving and excellent double motor double frequency conversion constant torque control, etc. to form a stable and reliable electrical control system of the centrifuge, with motor overload, vibration, temperature, torque and other equipment safety chain control.

Separation Effect:

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