ZK Separation Decanter Centrifuge Application in River Wastewater Fields

Project Operation date: July, 2018

Project operation: the centrifuge has been put into operation since July 30, 2018 for solid-liquid separation of river concentrated sludge water. The operation is stable and the separation effect is stable. There is no fault in normal operation for more than 2 year. At present, the working speed of the centrifuge is 2200 rpm, the processing capacity is 30-40m3 / h, the water content of solid-phase after separation is less than 75-80%, and the solid content of liquid-phase after separation is ≤ 0.2%. After separation, the liquid phase is clarified, which fully meets the daily sewage treatment requirements of customers, and lays a good foundation for further cooperation.

Project customer evaluation: centrifuge professional, high processing accuracy; fast service response. The centrifuge has been running smoothly and reliably since it was used. During the operation of the equipment, the manufacturer visited and exchanged many times and provided trainings, which provided effective guarantee for continuous production.

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