ZK Decanter Centrifuge for Bean Paste Process


The process of making bean paste

As an ingredient, bean paste is often used to make pastries, moon cakes and other desserts. It is sweet, delicate and rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, and is very popular among people. The main process of making bean paste is as follows:

The pre-treated bean paste still contains a lot of water and is in the form of pulp, which cannot be used directly. Depending on the production process requirements, the raw material needs to be dewatered to certain moisture content. The decanter centrifuges, as a solid-liquid separation and dewatering product with a high degree of automation, continuous and stable operation, simple operation, small footprint and less manual operation, have been using widely in the bean paste pressing and dewatering process.

ZK SEPARATION as a leading equipment developer and supplier in the decanter centrifuge industry, its equipment has been widely used in solid-liquid separation projects in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food waste and other fields. In a food company in Shandong province, the ZK Decanter was used in the dewatering process of bean paste and received high praise from users for its easy operation, good separation effect, and continuous feeding work.


  • One key start, automatic cleaning, simple operation;
  • PLC automatic control - can realize remote operation;
  • Wide adaptability - can adapt to the separation of various kinds of bean paste;
  • Long service life - the discharge port is protected by replaceable ceramic wear plates;
  • Stable operation - configuration of automatic detection elements, program interlock protection operation;
  • Highly automatic - can realize continuous separation operation with less manual intervention;
  • Low energy consumption - using double motor frequency conversion common DC bus energy-saving technology;
  • Model: LW350 x 1435E;
  • Capacity: 5 ~ 8m³/h;
  • Bowl Speed: 4000rpm;
  • Fr: 3136;
  • Main motor: 22kW;
  • Back motor: 5.5kW;
  • Weight: 2800kg;
  • Dimension: 3700×1040×1310

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