ZK Food Decanter for Bean Paste Industry


After being used in soy protein, pumpkin seed protein, pea protein, Chinese medicine extraction, pepper oil, hot pot seasoning, and beverage industry, the ZK food decanter is now used in the bean paste industry. ZK food decanter for bean paste was successfully applied in the dewatering process of a bean-paste filling in a food company in Jiangsu province.

Features of ZK Bean Paste Special Food Decanter

1、Safe and reliable - the metal parts directly contacting with the material are food grade polished;

2、The seals in contact with materials are made of food-grade materials and have obtained FDA certification;

3、Configured with automatic temperature and vibration detection components, and equipped with program interlock to protect the operation;

4、Adopted segmented shield structure design, easy for operation and maintenance;

5、The hood and the inner cavity of the machine base are equipped with automatic rotary cleaning nozzle;

6、The screw and the discharge port are protected by replaceable ceramic wear plates;

7、It can realize continuous separation operation with less manual intervention;

8、One key start, automatic cleaning, simple operation;

9、PLC automatic control, remote operation can be realized;

10、Small footprint, long service life;

11、Low energy consumption, using dual motor frequency conversion common DC bus energy-saving technology;


  • Model: LW350 x 1435
  • Capacity: 5 ~ 8 m³/h
  • Bowl Speed: 4000rpm
  • Fr: 3136
  • Differential speed: 1 ~ 28 rpm
  • Main motor:22kW
  • Back motor:5.5kW
  • Weight:2800kg
  • Dimension:3700×1040×1310
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