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Coal tar – is a dark brown, viscous liquid produced during the dry distillation of coal, referred to as tar; dark brown produced during the process of coal dry distillation, has a pungent odor, a viscous liquid, and the yield accounts for about dry coal. 3 to 4%; the tar obtained by different coking temperatures can be divided into high temperature tar, medium temperature tar and low temperature tar. According to different pyrolysis temperatures, it can be divided into low temperature (450 ° C ~ 650 ° C) dry distillation tar, low temperature and medium temperature (600 ° C ~ 800 ° C) furnace tar
Medium temperature (900 ° C ~ 1000 ° C) vertical coal tar, high temperature (1000 ° C) coking tar;
The crude tar is recovered by circulating ammonia water sprayed in the coking process and condensing and cooling in the primary cooler to contain a large amount of water, containing about 4% water, sometimes reaching 8-10%;

The centrifuge has high separation efficiency and compact structure, continuous operation, the diameter of the separated particles can be reduced to 2 μm, and the treated sludge contains more than 60% solids. The clarification of the liquid and the dryness of the solid phase can be easily optimized.

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