Automatic Dosing System

Polymer flocculation preparation device can realize the continuous preparation and dosing of the polymer organic flocculant. The preparation device is arranged in an integrated manner, with a compact structure, small floor space, low energy consumption, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and good adaptability. The flocculant preparation capacity is more efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly than traditional manual preparation.

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Applications For Automatic Dosing System

The automatic dosing system can adjust the required liquid's concentration according to the actual demand. It can precisely control the dosing amount of the pharmaceutical agent to ensure the treatment effect. The whole stainless steel shell is adopted, and the IP65 high-quality accessories are used in the manufacturing box, which has strong anti-corrosion performance. Therefore, the dosing system can be applied to sedimentation, coagulation, air flotation, sludge dewatering, and other sewage treatment processes.


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Our machines are stable and robust. Among the nearly 10,000 devices sold worldwide, many have been operating stably for more than ten years. Simultaneously, we are constantly optimizing the operating procedures so that the equipment can run more intelligently and automatically, significantly reducing the learning cost of the operator and improving its work efficiency.

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