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Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHENGDU,CHINA
Brand Name: WP
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: LW

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: IRON SUPPORT FRAME
Delivery Time: 1TO3MONTHS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 30UNITS/MONTH
Detailed Product Description
Materials: SS304, 316L, 2205 Motor Voltage: 380/460/600V
Motor Frequncency: 50/60Hz Application: Hemp CBD
Advantage: CIP Cleaning System Control Method 1: Double-motor Double-frequency
Control Method 2: PLC+ Touch Screen Control Warranty: One Year
Port: Shanghai, Tianjin

Ex-proof Type Nitrogen-filled Hemp Treatment 2 Phase Sepration Centrifuge

I. Pharmaceuticals Industry Application

Hemp to CBD crude oil, Hemp extraction in China is agreed by Chinese government for medical development, especially in USA, there are many customers will use the decanter centrifuge to extract the CBD from the Hemp, also they grow large of Hemps in the mountains, CBD will be widely used in the medical fields.  With the rapid development of centrifuge technology, and the deepening understanding of the field of medical applications, decanter centrifuge with closed production, high efficiency, high recovery rate and other characteristics, is gradually replacing the traditional three-legged centrifuge and other filtration separation equipment. “WPE” high speed sanitary decanter centrifuge has been widely used in the pharmaceutical food industry.

We have XBSY micro algae centrifuge, plant extraction centrifuge, pharmacy centrifuge, Medicinal tea centrifuge, Herbal medicines cen Alkaloids centrifuge, Scents material centrifuge, Trifuge centrifuge, Antibiotics centrifuge, Vitamins centrifuge, lanolin centrifuge, Aromatic Materials centrifuge, Steroids centrifuge, citrus essential oil centrifuge.

XBSY (West-Petro) centrifuges are designed & developed and manufactured by its own factory, Chengdu, China, mostly used in pharmaceutical industry,we choose SS304 or SS321 high grade materials, high standard production process and standards, high technology support, easy installation and maintenance, welcome by the users at home and abroad.

We designed 2 or 3 phase, RFD, VFD, FHD types of centrifuges used for micro algae recovery, micro algae, micro algae separation, plant extraction separation, plant extraction, pharmacy production, pharmacy, and essential oil process, lanolin recovery, for lanolin separation, citrus essential oil recovery, and citrus essential oil separation.

Characteristics of medicine & health grade centrifuges

The key to production equipment is to avoid external pollution, mixed batch pollution of drugs, and mixed pollution and cross-contamination of different varieties of drugs.

★ Material selection

The sealing material and lubricating grease in the contact with the material accord with the relevant standards of food and medicine.

★ Design of equipment sanitation level

o The structure is designed to avoid the precipitation zones of gaps and fine particles that are difficult to wash and remove;

o The gross finish of the surface in direct contact with the material: the unevenness is at most 0.8 μm (sanitary level polishing);

o The CIP washing system sprays water directly onto the drum surface, the buried spin, the hood, and the inner wall of the pedestal.

Full-automatic cleaning system and advanced cleaning procedure

The centrifuge control system is arranged with a fully automatic cleaning procedure. The multi-step mode of high-speed cleaning→low-speed cleaning (multi-stage)→high-speed multi-level cleaning ensures that it is thoroughly washed per mechanical cleaning. To avoid human factors, a 360° high-pressure cleaning nozzle is used for the hood, the inner cavity of the base, and the outer surface of the drum.

When the centrifuge is equipped with a production line using an alcohol extraction process, based on the characteristics of the above centrifuge, a complete set of inert gas protection device is also provided, which, in the production process, can avoid oxygen-containing gas from entering the device and prevent leakage of alcohol media to ensure the safety of equipment and environment.

Ex - Proof Type Centrifuge Equipment Nitrogen - Filled Hemp Extraction 04

Explosion-proof technology features (core) of explosion-proof centrifuges

• Inert gas to prevent explosion

Ex - Proof Type Centrifuge Equipment Nitrogen - Filled Hemp Extraction 05The inner chamber and the rotating shaft of the centrifuge are filled with inert gas, generally nitrogen, together with our advanced pressure balance technology (inert gas control system and pressure balance system) to ensure that “the centrifuge chamber does not leak, and the outside air does not enter the chamber.”

• Rotating shaft sealing technology

[ZK Separation] According to the material medium and the explosion-proof grade, different sealing forms are selected, such as carbon ring, skeleton oil seal, metal seal ring, and dry gas seal, etc., which can be used individually or in combination. The pressure at the position of the rotating shaft can be controlled at 5 KPa~0.3 MPa.

★ Combination of multiple electrical control and mechanical protection means

o Equipment nitrogen filling and automatic comparison of pressure of each pipeline and position. The centrifuge can be started after self-test is passed;

o High and low nitrogen pressure protection, effective measures such as sound and light alarm and delay shutdown;

o Oxygen meter (optional), which can monitor the oxygen inside the centrifuge in real time to realize the interlocking protection of start and stop;

o Double-seal ring protection for static sealing;

Technical parameters of medicine & health grade centrifuges

Centrifuge model mm
Drum diameter mm
Length-diameter ratio mm rpm
Speed rpm
Separation factor rpm
Differential speed rpm
Main moter power kW
Ancillary motor power kW
Throughput m3/h
Weight kg
Boundary dimension mm

(L× W × H)

LW(F)250×l025C 250 4.1 5000 3500 1~50 7.5-11 3~4 1~5 1250 2500×800×1150
LW(F)350×l435C 350 4.1 4000 3136 1~35 15-12 4-5.5 5~8 2500 3500×1050×1200
LW(F)450×l845C 450 4.1 3500 3087 1~34 30-37 7.5-11 10-15 4200 4500×1150×1450
LW(F)520×2150C 520 4.1 3500 3567 1~34 45-55 11-15 15-20 5200 5100×1250×1600

Note:The throughput is related to material characteristics;

Control method: ① direct control using an inverter (double-motor double-frequency conversion mode);

                             ② PLC+ touch screen control (intelligent control mode);

Material:AISI321, AISI316, AISI316U, SAF220S, etc.

Safety protection: devices for measuring vibration and temperature, emergency stop button, and measures to prevent faulty operation such as hood not being covered.

“F” in the centrifuge model indicates explosion-proof centrifuge equipped with an inert gas protection system.

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